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    Mold? Water? Duct Cleaning? This is what we do. We care about your air and want to earn your business.

  • Confused about water damage or mold?

    You are not alone. We specialize in providing our customers professional services that helps you from the firsts steps of inspection all the way to rebuilding your home exactly the way you want.

  • Feeling a little overwhelmed?

    Sometimes you need a professional. Mold is not just a health concern. Mold needs moisture to grow, and moisture can cause major structural problems that may not even be seen until major damage has occurred.

Grizzly Peak Environmental Contracting

Billings MT Mold Remediation & Air Quality Experts

We are local, independent, family owned and committed to providing high quality mold remediation, duct cleaning and reconstruction/remodel services. We have been dedicated to helping individuals, businesses, and facilities in Billings MT and the surrounding region achieve healthy indoor living and working environments for over 20 years.

The Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) industry continues to evolve and become more relevant as people continue to become educated about building materials, building science, and new best practices that focus on healthy indoor environments. IAQ challenges continue to evolve as new building practices continue to change and address new efficiencies and cost challenges.

We specialize in providing high quality services that understand these changes and new trends that allow us to solve complex IAQ problems. Our team is dedicated to providing custom solutions for your specific IAQ needs. We can provide you with project management that takes your project from concept to completion. We work hard to provide you with peace of mind that your home or building is being taken care of by licensed professionals. This allows our customers to receive high quality services and competitive prices by drastically reducing the length and time of our projects.

We invest in our team and provide our team members training and development opportunities that ensure we have the best team available for you. We embrace technology and use systems and software that allow us to excel at communication and scheduling where most companies are weakest. When you have that unfortunate experience of having water damage your property we can help you manage the entire process of dealing with the mold remediation or mold removal, HVAC system cleaning and decontamination, and all rebuild services so you can have your property back to normal as fast as possible.

We also specialize in constructing water resistant and near water proof interior finishes so you can have peace of mind that any future water damage requires only drying and you can avoid costly repairs of traditional building materials and the need for mold remediation, or mold removal.

We ask for the opportunity to earn your business and hope to provide you with a quality affordable solution and educate you to make the most informed decision regarding your property.


To become Montana’s premiere provider of high quality IAQ services that solve our customers IAQ problems from start to finish with care, experience, and education by utilizing current technology, training and industry best practices.


To help our customers achieve healthy indoor environments.


We are a dedicated team serving our customers with integrity, excellence, accountability and innovation.

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“We built a new house 5 year ago and immediately had water problems when a plumber accidentally messed up a refrigerator line that leaked from the upstairs kitchen all the way downstairs into our bathroom that had imported tile. They were able to carefully remove the tile and salvage everything! We then had our roof leak during the bad storms a few years back and they came out immediately and tarped our roof to prevent more water from coming through and dried out the water mess we had and took care of everything and helped communicate with our insurance company. We love having the team at GPEC as our go to contractor.”

“Grizzly Peak Environmental Contracting was so nice and honest to work with. We were dealing with high costs for initial inspections for mold and luckily talked to GPEC about their process of inspecting and testing and saved ourselves a bunch of money up front and even learned the water that caused the mold was covered by our insurance company. This saved us money we did not have at the time and allowed us to get our house repaired and rebuilt in a fraction of the time it would have taken otherwise.”

“The Grizzly Peak team helped us when we had water issues in our home and even helped us communicate with our insurance company. They were always professional and gave us options that fit into our budget. We loved being able to work with them for the entire project. Not having to deal with multiple contractors was such a time saver for us.”

“The team at GPEC was fantastic to work with and helped us get a nasty moldy bathroom cleaned and rebuilt. It was great to work with Patrick and the GPEC team for the entire project. We were able to address the plumbing problems and have the mold removed AND they completely rebuilt us a beautiful new bathroom. We even got a double vanity! Thanks GPEC!”

“Grizzly Peak Environmental Contracting turned a terrible situation into one that allowed us to make some changes to our home that gave our family peace of mind. They were always professional and always on time. We were impressed with how they built containments that kept the rest of our house clean during the project. We highly recommend them!”

frequently asked questions


What is black mold? Is it really dangerous?

The term “black mold” is often heard in the media, however, it is not a scientific designation.  Many types of mold are black in color, and even more confusing, some are found in a variety of colors.

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Why is mold even an issue?

Mold can cause severe allergies, asthma, and sinus infection problems.

Mold is an indication of building failure and always points to an underlying issue.

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When should I hire a mold expert?

  • Source of moisture isn’t obvious.  (condensation vs. flooding)
  • Scope of mold growth is significant or if extent of growth is difficult to determine.
  • Current or previous water damage exceeds 72 hours.
  • At risk individuals (asthma, allergies, compromised immune system, elderly)
  • High risk areas of concern (carpet on concrete, basements, uninsulated walls, etc.)

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Why should I hire a mold expert for cleanup/remediation?

Without expertise in engineering containments and negative pressure, standard contractors create more mold problems than they solve.

Certified remediation businesses have mold- specific insurance (very difficult to obtain) A standard general contractor’s insurance policy would not cover mold remediation.

Certified Mold Remediators excel at diagnosing the underlying moisture issues to ensure the mold growth does not return.

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How much does mold remediation cost?

There are many variables to consider, but you can expect even the smallest of mold jobs (i.e. anything over 10 square feet) to cost anywhere from $1500-$4500 for just the mold remediation, mold removal. Build back and HVAC cleaning/decontamination are often excluded from this number.

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How much does duct cleaning cost?

Duct cleaning typically costs somewhere around $750-$2500, depending a size of house, number of runs, and access. This is the process for putting the entire system under negative air pressure and utilizing mechanical rotary brushes and air pressure air sweeps. Not the vacuum vans or little brushes with vacuums attached. Look to the NADCA website about duct cleaning processes and costs as well.

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What should I do if I am a renter?

If you rent the property directly from the owner or a property management company, it is necessary for you to contact the owner or property management company first before you contact us. We CAN NOT provide any services without the signed approval of the property owner and property management company.

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